Dr. Kenneth Fafa Egbadzor

Dr. Kenneth Fafa Egbadzor
Research Scientist
Staff Division: 
Plant Genetic Diversity Divison
Email Address: 
Telephone Number: 
0243049375 / 0506780807
Educational background: 
Field of Specialization: 
Plant Breeding
Research (Past/Current)): 

Significant Research Already Undertaken

Identified SNP markers associated with seed size in cowpea.

Current Research

Development of large seeded cowpea varieties

Membership to Professional Associations: 
Ghana Science Association


  1. Egbadzor, K. F.1.2*, Kwame, S.5, Yirenkyi, E. D.1, Daniel Ashie, D. K. 2, Gamedoagbao, D. K. 2, Dadoza, M.3, Yeboah, M.1 and Ofori , K. 4 (2015). Farmer participation in selection within segregating populations of cowpea in Volta Region, Ghana. Agric & Food Secur Obtained from 4:17DOI 10.1186/s40066-015-0037-1R