Research Divisions

Plant Genetic Conservation Division

This division has the responsibility of conserving both orthodox (cold storage) and recalcitrant germplasm Field gene bank and in-vitro conservation) in the best possible condition and to make them available to use.

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Plant Genetic Diversity Division

This division is responsible for the evaluation and utilization of the amount of genetic variation in population or species through the following activities: collection of germplasm, characterization, evaluation and hybridisation to produce desirable materials.

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Plant Protection Division

This division comprises Entomology and Pathology is to monitor disease and insect pest’s incidence of the plant genetic resources being conserved at

the institute and to investigate and formulate appropriate strategies for their management.

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Non-Research Divisions

Commercialization Divison

The objective of this Division is to improve the delivering of technology and products development at the institute to stakeholders so as to improve the cultivation and production of non-traditional export crops and to undertake: Contract materials and consultancies; Improvement and diversification of planting materials and modernization of nursery; Development and promoting of new products for emerging markets and eco-tourism development.