Commercialization Division

The objective of this Division is to improve the delivering of technology and products development at the institute to stakeholders so as to improve the cultivation and production of non-traditional export crops and to undertake: Contract materials and consultancies; Improvement and diversification of planting materials and modernization of nursery; Development and promoting of new products for emerging markets and eco-tourism development.

The division is comprised of the general nursery section and crop production section


  • Planting materials production
  • Sale of farm produce
  • Contract Research
  • Training and hiring facilities


Activities of the nursery include:

  • Planting material production
  • Production of various seedlings such as citrus, coconut, avocado pear, mango, rambutan, nutmeg etc
  • Collection of budwood and scions for budding and grafting
  • General nursery activities (weeding, fertilization, watering, pruning and application of weedicides, insecticides and fungicides)
  • Promotion of sale of seedlings through advertisement
Item (Seedlings) Unit Price (GHȼ)
Citrus 2.00
Mango 5.00
Avocado Pear 2.00
Rambutan 2.00
Malay Apple 2.00
Sweet berry 2.00
Gauva 2.00
Oil palm 5.00
Coconut 7.00


Cinnamon 2.00
Nutmeg 2.00
Aframomum 2.00
Ornamentals / Flowering plants -
Others 2.00



The section deals with production of farm produce for sale to the public. This includes;

  • Production of pawpaw for sale to the public and individuals
  • Harvesting of tree crops and fruits such as rambutan, citrus, oil palm fruits and medicinal
  • Plants for sale to the public and individuals
  • Production of green maize for sale to the public
  • Production of vegetables for sale e.g Cabbage and pepper
  • Sale of research by products eg. cassava farm